October 19, 2006

Street Trees

The trees along the street were recently pruned.

They were full like the ones on the opposite side of the street during the summer.

This tree has a name plate. These trees are suzukakenoki in Japanese. The name plate also gives the Latin name Platanus orientalis. I looked it up. It is the Asian sycamore or plane tree.

This tree is the same kind of tree. It has a number plate.

I have been passing these kinds of trees for many years along the streets of Tokyo. I have always liked them.

When I was kid I used to go to a farm on weekends. The last time we went back to Texas, we visited it. All of the apple trees in the front yard were gone. But there, near the place we always parked our car, was a tree like these. I remembered it! It was now as big as these. It reminded me of Tokyo. Now as I pass these trees I remember my old tree in Texas.

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