July 21, 2010

Hot Dog Buns

Look closely. See the difference? Japanese hot dog buns are sliced open on top of the bun. Not on the side. I have been meaning to post this for years. Can't believe it's taken so long to get a photo. We don't eat hot dogs very often. They are rarely available at our store!

N.B. The red and blue lettering on the bag says "hot dog roll" in Japanese katakana, The script used for foreign words.

Kids Web Japan--katakana
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July 18, 2010

Tennis Court Lights & Mt. Fuji

So glad the new lights at the newly remodeled tennis courts are on the left. Mt. Fuji is on the right. Can you see Mt. Fuji through the haze? Usually we're not able to see it during summer. We're losing our view of it little by little anyway. Buildings are going up. Wires are draped across. Click on the photo to enlarge it. The sunset is highlighting the new tennis light poles.

Another sunset picture from a different direction. Looks like a heart cloud.

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July 17, 2010

Gift from a Funeral

These miso soup bowls were wrapped more neatly than this when they arrived. I unwrapped them and then decided to take a picture of them in the box.

We attended the funeral in the spring, but the gift arrived in summer. There are sakura blossoms on the bowls.

The bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe.

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July 07, 2010


Check old posts for tanabata. I forgot to do it this year! The children are older now and aren't that interested, but Papa and Baba and Aunt wrote their wishes.