March 25, 2012

New York Launch of TOMO

Details for the New York launch of Tomo can be found here.

Click on the image for its amazon page. Proceeds of the sale of the book will benefit teen programs in the tsunami affected areas of Japan.

March 21, 2012

World Poetry Day on YARN

My poem was selected for World Poetry Day on the Young Adult Review Network (YARN).
Have a look here.

Check back in April. YARN will celebrate National (US) Poetry Month.

March 20, 2012

Spring Equinox

It was a national holiday today here in Japan. Tokyo weather was springy for the equinox. I spent time in the garden looking at all the buds and greenery coming out and up. I was happy to see so many buds on this fruitless peach tree! I've been worried about it in the past. Here are two posts about the tree in March 2010.

I was really worried about Great-grandfather's bonsai plum trees this year. They bloomed over a month late! They usually bloom in February.

I'm glad they bloomed, but they are scraggly. I am responsible for them and I must do a better job! Actually, most plum trees in the area have bloomed late this year so it's not all my fault. Last summer was overly hot and dry.

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March 09, 2012

Thank you, Japan. Thank you from Japan.

Out for an appointment this week in Tokyo, I noticed something new on the front of the bus.

It's been one year since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Click on the photo to enlarge it. The sign says in English, "Japan. Thank you." Perhaps what is meant is "Thank you from Japan."

Anyway, thank you Japan for being a symbol of strength and dignity through this year! And thank you, World, for supporting Japan through this difficult time!

This sign appeared on a neighborhood yaki niku restaurant right after March 11th. It says, "Ganbarou Nihon." Some people translate it as, "Be strong Japan." Some say, "Hang in there, Japan." Others say, "Try to do your best, Japan."

This sign was on the shinkasen Big Sister and I took to Hakone in May, 2011. Ganbarou Nihon!

I saw signs everywhere. Keep it up Japan! And keep it up, World. Japan still needs our support!

N.B. The Japanese phrase is transliterated phonetically.

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March 03, 2012

Girls' Day

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March 3 is Girls' Day in Japan. Big Sister is now in college in the U.S. Here she is at age 9 with her hina matsuri dolls and Little Brother (5) and our dog, May. This is her first Girls' Day away from home.

And this is the first picture I've posted of Big Sister and Little Brother. I never posted any photos of them on the internet because Papa warned me about security. He always told me that we are easy to find. But now, those guys don't look like that at all. Except for the dog. She looks the same. Maybe a little fatter.

Kids Web Japan-- Hina Matsuri