March 09, 2012

Thank you, Japan. Thank you from Japan.

Out for an appointment this week in Tokyo, I noticed something new on the front of the bus.

It's been one year since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Click on the photo to enlarge it. The sign says in English, "Japan. Thank you." Perhaps what is meant is "Thank you from Japan."

Anyway, thank you Japan for being a symbol of strength and dignity through this year! And thank you, World, for supporting Japan through this difficult time!

This sign appeared on a neighborhood yaki niku restaurant right after March 11th. It says, "Ganbarou Nihon." Some people translate it as, "Be strong Japan." Some say, "Hang in there, Japan." Others say, "Try to do your best, Japan."

This sign was on the shinkasen Big Sister and I took to Hakone in May, 2011. Ganbarou Nihon!

I saw signs everywhere. Keep it up Japan! And keep it up, World. Japan still needs our support!

N.B. The Japanese phrase is transliterated phonetically.

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