May 28, 2012

Busy Bird, Sleepy Dog

When I first walked up, the dog was watching and responding to the jumping, chattering bird. It looked like they were enjoying each other's company. The dog started yawning and dozing off, but the bird kept jumping and chattering. He was so happy to be out in the fresh May air.

Parked Outside Our Gate

An electrician came to check Baba's circuit breakers. He parked outside the gate.

His toolbox wasn't locked.

May 23, 2012

Headlines May 22, 2012

Along with NATO forces pulling out of Afghanistan by late 2014, photos of the eclipse were the headlines in The Daily Yomiuri on May 22. Underneath them, it reads, "Ring of Fire Sweeps Across Sky."

May 21, 2012

Annular Eclipse Japan 2012

At first, it didn't look like good eclipse watching weather. Fortunately, the clouds parted. It was hazy, but it was okay.

We watched from the roof. (There's always one in a group who's looking in the wrong direction. The cat not me.) Of course, it did take a while for the moon to pass across the face of the sun. There was plenty of time to look.

So I watched to see how others were reacting to the eclipse. The mourning dove who coos every morning was there. Cooing.

The chickadees were flittering through gardens like they always do.

A crow circled,

perched, and watched in the opposite direction of the eclipse.

A helicopter headed southwest.

The farmer never looked up from his work.

Neighbors watched from their windows. Or gathered on the street. A young man was at the edge of the fields. He didn't have glasses. I went down to share mine with him, the farmer and his wife, and passersby. I didn't think about taking photos of the eclipse. As an afterthought,

I took this one. It's me in an old broccoli field. With my back to the eclipse.

May 20, 2012

Anticipating the Eclipse

We've got our glasses. Tomorrow morning there will be an eclipse. At dawn according to one source. And 7:30 AM  according to another. I think 7:30 AM is way after dawn in May.

Little Brother is up at 5:30 to go to school. In some seasons that is before dawn. In some seasons it is after dawn. He doesn't have to be at school until 11:30 so that he can watch the eclipse. I hope he doesn't sleep in!

May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in Japan?

Yes. Carnations are the most common gift for Mother's Day here. Potted or cut. This traditional cake shop is offering sugar cookies printed with carnations and Arigatou Okaasan ("Thank you, Mother") on them. The display card says "Thanks Mother's Day!" in English at the top and underneath that it says "Mother's Day cookie" in Japanese. The price is 1 for 120 yen.

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Carnations for Mother's Day Japan 2012

 Little Brother, now 16, brought me carnations for Mother's Day.

I loved the thick heavy paper so I cut the brown paper around the flower stems and slipped it over a jar.

May 05, 2012

Boy's/Children's Day 2012

Little Brother's koinobori hasn't been out of its box in years. We don't have a proper pole anymore to hang it. Besides, Baba insists it is for very young boys. Little Brother is now 16!

I hung it anyway. Near the laundry. Talk about nontraditional!

It couldn't be seen from the road.

But someone noticed.

She waited for me to leave,

but, in the end, she didn't bother it. This dog always keeps her in line.

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Boy's/Children's Day 2012-- Sweets

Aunt brought these sweets to Little Brother (age 16) for Boy's Day or Children's Day. This shop's logo is actually our family crest.

At Great-grandfather's funeral 17 years ago, there was a family crest on a banner hanging at our front gate. Big Sister said, "Upside-down Mickey!"

Everyone laughed that sad day. She was only 3 and doesn't remember.

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(We call it Boy's Day at house  because we celebrate having a boy by putting out the boy's festival decorations. See this old post.)

Boy's/Chidren's Day 2012-- Grocery Store Options

 snack display (some of this is on the bottom shelf)

 kashiwa mochi  (old post)

shobu (old post)

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