May 21, 2012

Annular Eclipse Japan 2012

At first, it didn't look like good eclipse watching weather. Fortunately, the clouds parted. It was hazy, but it was okay.

We watched from the roof. (There's always one in a group who's looking in the wrong direction. The cat not me.) Of course, it did take a while for the moon to pass across the face of the sun. There was plenty of time to look.

So I watched to see how others were reacting to the eclipse. The mourning dove who coos every morning was there. Cooing.

The chickadees were flittering through gardens like they always do.

A crow circled,

perched, and watched in the opposite direction of the eclipse.

A helicopter headed southwest.

The farmer never looked up from his work.

Neighbors watched from their windows. Or gathered on the street. A young man was at the edge of the fields. He didn't have glasses. I went down to share mine with him, the farmer and his wife, and passersby. I didn't think about taking photos of the eclipse. As an afterthought,

I took this one. It's me in an old broccoli field. With my back to the eclipse.

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