May 05, 2012

Boy's/Children's Day 2012

Little Brother's koinobori hasn't been out of its box in years. We don't have a proper pole anymore to hang it. Besides, Baba insists it is for very young boys. Little Brother is now 16!

I hung it anyway. Near the laundry. Talk about nontraditional!

It couldn't be seen from the road.

But someone noticed.

She waited for me to leave,

but, in the end, she didn't bother it. This dog always keeps her in line.

Click on the labels below for more information about Boy's/Children's Day. And here for more about Boy's Day decorations. (We call it Boy's Day at our house because we have a boy and a girl. Girl's Day is in March.)


MoreThingsJapanese said...

Very interesting! Do you have samurai figurines as well? I went to a house that had 3! One for each boy.

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Baba has one downstairs. It was given to Papa when he was a baby. I was told that "dolls" or figurines are given by guests who visit at Boy's/Children's and Girl's Day. Of course, everyone has special things they do for each day. Our visitors (relatives)brought sweets and money instead. We've definitely developed our own style for most holidays!