July 13, 2007

In Honor of Lady Bird Johnson

I have posted this picture in honor of Lady Bird Johnson, who passed away on Wednesday afternoon, June 11th, Texas time. Our rose bushes didn't do very well this year. This rose bush is still blooming. Lady Bird Johnson has a bright orange rose named for her. There are yellow tulips planted at the White House that bear her name.

I was in elementary school when she and her husband were in the White House. She is best known for her work in planting and preserving species of wildflowers in Texas. I remember vast expanses of wildflowers and bluebonnets, our state flower, along the highways.

I'd always wanted to have a field of wildflowers in my hometown. I've ended up in Tokyo taking care of the garden work I inherited from great-grandfather and grandfather. I've heard that my hometown in Texas has fields of wildflowers in the spring. We always miss the blooms because we only visit in the summer.

Lady Bird Johnson will be missed by many. Hopefully, her work and inspiration will live on. It has in me. In my children, too.

Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers: How A First Lady Changed America by Kathi Appelt

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