January 31, 2008

SCBWI Tokyo Showcase Event--Holly Thompson & Kazumi Wilds

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Author Holly Thompson and Illustrator Kazumi Wilds presented their work on their picture book, The Wakame Gatherers. Both Holly and Kazumi have other works to their credit, but this is the most recent. Their picture book takes place in Kamakura, Japan. Holly Thompson lived there many years before her recent move to Yokohama. They showed slides of the house, the trolley, the shops, the seaside, and, of course, the wakame that were used for the illustrations. Kazumi Wilds spent time in the town and made many friends while she did her research for the illustrations. She said she received many gifts of wakame.

Kazumi Wilds brought the painting she did for the cover to show us. She painted each picture with care and attention. She put a lot of thought into each painting. It is a lovely story and as you can see the pictures are lovely, too.

I will add Kazumi Wild's webpage address later.

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