March 25, 2008

6th Grade Graduation

Little Brother graduated from 6th grade today. There was a ceremony in the gym at his school. He had to wear a suit. Before the ceremony this morning, a fifth grader pinned this silk boutonniere on his lapel. All sixth graders wore them.

Fifth graders were there in their usual clothes. They played music as the sixth graders came into the gym. Each sixth grader went on stage to receive a big diploma from the principal. Each student took it from him with two hands and bowed. Then each graduate went down the steps and bowed to the distinguished guests from other schools. They were sitting on the left.

Then the graduates walked past them and went to this table. Two fifth grade teachers were standing there. The teachers and the graduates bowed to one another. The graduates presented the diploma to them with two hands. The teachers rolled the diploma and then slid it into one of these cardboard rolls. They put a top (the short pieces) on the roll. The graduates bowed again and went back to their seats.

The principal made a speech. There were speeches by some guests and the head of the PTA (they say PTA, too!) The graduates went to the stage and stood as a group. They sang songs and recited some rehearsed memories and wishes for the future. They practiced a lot beforehand. Afterwards, all the parents and students gathered for a group picture by a professional photographer.

Outside, the sixth grade teachers gave each student a rose. Parents lined both sides of the walkway. The graduates walked through the line. Parents clapped or took pictures.

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Bethany said...

Congratulations to little brother! I have heard that 7th grade is when school gets more difficult in Japan. Maybe you can tell us more about that some time. I hope everyone enjoys the school break!