April 01, 2008

Graduation Present

Little Brother wanted to go to Disneyland for his graduation present. The school year doesn't start until the 7th. Papa has a day off during the week so we planned to go today. On April Fool's.

The parking lot was almost empty so we thought we had the park to ourselves. Closer to the entrance, we saw several big tour buses. The park was crowded! We were fooled!

We had a good time, though. Some of the rides had waiting lines for over two hours! We got to ride a lot during the last two hours before it closed. It closed at ten, but a lot of people left early. It did get a little cold!

As you can probably figure out by the ticket price (convert yen to your currency), it was expensive!
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Bethany said...

You are very brave to go during school break. We went and it was very crowded even on a school day! But it is so fun.