November 17, 2008

Looks like Darth Vadar with hat pins

But, no, it's our house wrapped up for a bath and a paint job. The house was washed yesterday. The roof will be painted tomorrow. Why all the bars on top? Are they going to wrap the roof? I'm not sure. They used to spray paint onto houses, but I think they've stopped doing it that way. Maybe we'll find out tomorrow. If I can make it outside to take a picture!

This is the view from the street. When the workers washed our house, they put huge shower caps on the cars in the parking lot behind it. They will probably do that again tomorrow. Today they taped around the windows and shutters.

This is the view from across the field. We have to keep the shutters closed. We don't have shutters on every window. The cats and dogs are bouncing off the walls with men walking the planks around the house outside the second floor. It's a circus under this tent. But it's not fun!

This is the view at the front gate. That's the top of a car. The white round thing is the light on the gate. That gives you an idea how tall the house is!

P.S. They used brushes to paint the house and they didn't wrap the roof.

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