January 25, 2009

Alison Lester

Author/illustrator Alison Lester disappeared for a few moments in Tokyo the evening of the 23rd. She was here to visit international schools. She came to our SCBWI Tokyo chapter to speak to us.

After her presentation, on our way to dinner, she saw a member's electric bicycle and wanted to ride it. She took off and disappeared around the corner. When she reappeared, I took this picture of her as she rode past me. She disappeared again! She's a blur in this picture not because she was going so fast but because there wasn't enough light.

Here she is earlier in the evening autographing a book. She autographed mine and drew a picture of her dog, Fatty.

Alison Lester is a lot of fun. She showed us photos of her trips to Antarctica and talked to us about her other projects and books. She has done a lot of work with the indigenous people of her native land, Australia. She's funny and interesting. You might want to invite her to your school for a visit.
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