August 25, 2009

Tokyo Disney Sea & Disneyland

This is a postcard from the Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo Disney Sea. It is an amazing place!

Last week, Little Brother and his friends, all age 13, arranged a 2-day trip to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. They went (with parental permission) to a travel agent and made plans by themselves. They paid for the hotel and the tickets at the travel agent. They went by train and spent the first day at Tokyo Disney Sea. Papa met them at closing time and stayed overnight at one of the hotels with them. Papa dropped them off at Disneyland the next day and went to work. He picked them up and drove them home.

They had a great time. They weren't able to go on the new Monsters Inc. ride because it was so crowded. Little Brother especially liked the current show at Tokyo Disneyland. The castle showers water on the spectators!

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