February 22, 2011

Mikan for ORCHARDS

Across Japan (and the world, I guess), authors and illustrators and friends are eating mikan or clementines to celebrate the launch of Holly Thompson's young adult novel, Orchards. This is the bag I bought for the occasion.

Usually, mikan come in an orange net bag, but for some reason they are in a plastic bag at our grocery store this season. Bags of small, medium and large mikan were piled up in two different displays. Sorry, they won't let me take photos in the store.

I bought a bag of small mikan because it reminded me of Holly telling us at lunch once that the mikan farmer she knew tossed really small ones aside. They were probably much smaller than these. I dug out a quarter to show you how small/big they are. See it there?

These mikan were expensive, but they were worth every penny, I mean, yen. They are sweet and juicy. Itadakimasu! And congratulations to Holly!

Kids Web Japan-- itadakimasu

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