April 01, 2011

American School in Japan: Earthquake Relief Efforts

ASIJ, the American School in Japan, has partnered with Tama Church and Second Harvest Japan to deliver emergency aid directly to the effected regions hit by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11th. Many things have been collected and boxed to go out by truck tomorrow. Things like crutches, clothes, food, toothbrush sets, diapers, etc. This will be an ongoing effort. There will be many truckloads going over the months.

I took some wet wipes, Kleenex, and socks today. I plan to go again with more things. Next time I'll take baby items. Poor people up north! It is still cold. Long underwear was sold out in my neighborhood stores and there were very few pairs of warm socks left.

High school librarian, Linda Hart Hayakawa, met me at the gate to help me in with my bags of supplies. She helped me place the things in the right boxes. I told her that I was reminded of taking things to school in second grade for the survivors of the 1964 earthquake and tsunami in Alaska. We had a class list of things that we all took to school. I remember toothpaste and toothbrush , a bar of soap, pocket tissues and a comb were among the items. I remember we lined up behind the truck and each one of us handed our contribution to an aid worker. Hand to hand.

Thank you American School in Japan for lending a helping hand! Thank you, Linda, for the photo, for your help, and for the nice chat today! It helps to share experiences and stories with others.

I couldn't remember what time of year the Alaskan earthquake and tsunami happened so I looked it up. It was March 27, 1964. Spring. In Alaska. It was probably cold, too.

Please click on the comments section to read the comment from the principal of Tsukuba International School, Shaney Crawford.


Ruth said...

You in Japan are in our prayers here in Haiti. We understand some of what you are going through.

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Thank you, Ruth! I remember your blog. I haven't touched base in a while. I will.

Shaney said...

Tsukuba International School (http://www.tis.ac.jp) in Ibaraki, Japan has collected food for the people in Kita-Ibaraki. The name of the earthquake in popular media is "Tohoku Earthquake", but parts of Ibaraki (the prefecture where my school is) have been seriously affected by the quake too, so we have been focusing our efforts on helping our (sometimes forgotten) neighbours to the north. The students wrote encouraging letters to the people of Ibaraki. It was so touching to read the letters and see how the students are so willing to help. One of the Grade 2 students wrote, "You need anything you tell me." I just love that spirit.

Shaney Crawford
Tsukuba International School