January 17, 2012

Dragon in the West

Papa says it may have been some debris from the Russian satellite returning to earth. It could have been an earthquake cloud. I think it's a lone dragon cloud like the ones I saw in November. I noticed it as I was walking to the store. I took this photo at 4:53 today with my iphone.


Marjorie said...


Little Brother likes the Dragon idea best!

Kaneko said...

wow! is this very common there???

MoreThingsJapanese said...

Happy kyu-shougatsu! (Lunar New Year is big in Okinawa!)


Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Me, too, Marjorie! So much so, I've written a story about the November dragon clouds.

Kaneko,we do have strange clouds from time to time, but they seem to have increased in number these days, months.

MoreThingsJapanese, Happy Lunar New Years to you, too!

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