April 03, 2012

Changes in the Field

Our vegetable stand man usually covers some young plants with plastic to protect them.

This morning he was putting nets over the plastic for more protection. A big storm is coming toward Japan.

It is a lot of work! (The patch of green in the right foreground is broccoli that has been harvested, so he's not protecting it.)

The farmer of the other field had help. They put nets down to prevent the plastic from flying away. This is the first time I have seen them do it.

Work continued as usual after all the net was laid out. By 10:00 AM the wind was already picking up a lot. Fortunately, the nets were holding everything down.

After lunch, the vegetable stand man and his wife closed up for the day. They hammered boards to the end of the stand to protect it from the strong winds that may come our way.

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