August 20, 2006

Making Postcards

Postcards looked a little easier to make. The shaking and sloshing didn't need to be as carefully done. The postcard frame was dipped in the pulp mixture and moved around a bit to get the pulp evenly distributed. It was held over the vat and drained.

Leaves were placed on each card.

The pulp water was spooned onto the cards.

The frame was taken off the screen. A woman then shaped the cards with a plastic spatula-like tool.

The cards were then run across a dryer. The dryer was a flat metal surface that had a slit along its center. The water was sucked out of the cards.

They were then placed on the hot metal dryer. These are the cards Papa and Big Sister made.


Kan dete Rev Zoranj 2005 said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful art of paper making with others.

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Thanks, kan dete rev zoranj, for stopping by and for commenting. I have wanted to make Japanese paper for a very long time. It was really fun.

I'd like to do it here at home. I have seen instructions for making postcards out of milk cartons. I'll check it out.