June 24, 2007

A Souvenir from a Business Trip

Papa brought this box home from his business trip. It is from the Ise Peninsula near Nagoya. The expiration date is stamped on it. Click on the picture to see the purple circle.

The date written inside the circle is 19.6.23. The year is Heisei 19, the 19th year of the Emperor's reign. 2007 is also used here in Japan. 6 is the month of June and 23 is the day. Papa bought this on the June 23, 2007. We should eat it by the 24th.

This is the box without the paper wrapping.

It is a box of balls of glutinous rice covered in azuki bean paste. They are called akafuku. Yummy! There was a wooden spatula(on the right) included to spoon them out. Click to enlarge and you can see how akafuku is written in hiragana. It is written on the wooden spatula.

Boxes of sweets, rice crackers, and specialty foods are sold at train stations and rest stops. Each area of Japan has its own selection that it is famous for.

Kids Web Japan--hiragana

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