February 18, 2008

Instructions for Making Green Tea

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Some packages of tea include instructions on how to make green tea. Click to enlarge the picture. I will replace this picture later because it is blurry.

Water is heated in a kettle on the stove or in a boiler like the one in the top picture (I'll post a picture of ours later. We no longer use it so I'll have to drag it out. ) A little bit of tea is put in the strainer that sits in the top of the teapot. (see posts for February 9th and 10th.) Hot water is poured into a tea cup to heat it. Then the cup of water is poured into the teapot over the tea leaves. These instructions advise to let it sit for 50 to 60 seconds before pouring it into the warm teacup.

Green tea is made cup by cup. When the tea is no longer strong or dark enough, you would add more tea leaves to the strainer or replace them. I prefer tea cups that are light in color so that I can tell how strong the tea is!

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