February 15, 2008

Some Winter Vegetables

These are daikon, Japanese radishes, in a field near our house. They are also grown in other seasons.

These daikon are 100 yen each at a local vegetable stand. Can you figure out how much that is? First you'll have to find out what the exchange rate is today.

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A cabbage patch. Click on the picture to see the taxi in the background.

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Here's a cabbage.


Wallorama said...

Audrey says: $0.93 USD. We know diakons can be pickled, how else do they use them in Japan?

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Sounds about right, Audrey!

Daikon are cut in round pieces and stewed in a soy based broth. They are also grated to put in the dipping sauce for things like tempura, sashimi, fish, etc. They are thinly sliced for salads. Maybe I should do a post!

In the meantime check the daikon label to see a picture of grated daikon. It's a picture from a Japanese restaurant.