May 26, 2008

Tea Gift

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Once in a while, there are small gifts given with drinks. This is a bottle of cold unsweetened tea. The cold case at Ministop was full of drinks with gifts around the necks of the bottles.

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The gift is a small plastic box. There are several designs available. On one side of the package, the different designs are shown. Luckily, you can see through the other side of the bag so that you can choose the design you want. We chose the goldfish design. It is a common summer design. Of course it isn't summer yet, is it?

Little Brother came home saying that he can start wearing short sleeve white shirts to school. June 1st used to be the time when businessmen and students who wear uniforms to school* started wearing short sleeves. Things change!

*not all children wear uniforms to school. Private elementary school students wear uniforms. Public elementary school children wear what they want. Junior high school students and high school students at public school and most private schools wear uniforms.

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