May 03, 2008

The Wisteria is Blooming

At Jindai Botanical Gardens, the wisteria is blooming. It hangs overhead from an arbor.

I noticed it smelled kinda like bubble gum! I was alone and bubble gum flavor is not very well known here so I didn't get a second opinion. It could have been my imagination. But maybe wisteria is part of the bubble gum formula!

Wisteria is a vine. The base of this wisteria is really big! Click on the picture to enlarge it. See the cat? A few feral cats live in the gardens.

On the left is the wisteria arbor. Roses are on the right. They are not blooming yet. The building on the right is a pavilion where you can sit and admire the gardens. There are some Japanese maple trees behind it. They have bright red leaves in early December.

The azaleas bloomed earlier this month. I missed them this year! Look at last year's posts by clicking on the labels below.

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