June 26, 2008

Blue Hawaii Pepsi

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Last year's flavor was cucumber. This summer, it's pineapple-lemon. But it's blue! It looks refreshing, but we think we liked the cucumber flavor better. One of Little Brother's friends said that Blue Hawaii tastes like takoyaki sauce, the sauce that is used on octopus puffs. In our neighborhood, it is only sold at the 7-Eleven. Not sure if that's the way it is across Japan.

I read that there was a blue Pepsi in the U.S., but it was berry flavored. It didn't go over very well.

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Bethany said...

We tried this! It was... interesting. Reminded me of the green melon Fanta soda. I took a picture of my husband drinking it, maybe sometime I will blog about some of our favorite Japanese snacks. MY favorite JP soda is CC Lemon.