February 21, 2009

Restroom Map for the Blind

In the future, the train tracks at our local station will be underground. They built a station above the present station building and train tracks. So, there is a new temporary station to figure out.

This is a map of the restrooms! It is located outside the Men's restroom but it is a map for both. It was designed for blind people. See the speaker at the bottom? When someone walks up, a recording starts describing the map of the restrooms. There is braille at every point on the map, too. Once a blind person can find this map, he will know where to go in the restroom!

As I was leaving the station, I noticed there was a map like this for the whole station near the newspaper and snack kiosk. Oh! Maybe there are other ones at the entrances to direct them to these other maps. I'll check next time. If not, how would they find the other maps?

P.S. No, there were no maps at the entrance!

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