February 06, 2009

Skyline of the Kabuki-za

Two high rise buildings peek over the Kabuki-za.

According to a pamphlet, this Kabuki-za Theatre, the theater for kabuki in Higashi Ginza, Tokyo, was opened in 1925. The original building opened its doors in 1889. It had a western style of architecture. In 1911, it was remodeled in the Japanese style. In 1921 it burned down. A new building was started, but was damaged in the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. Construction was delayed. Performances in a new fire-proof and earthquake proof structure began in January 1925.

Those are plants growing on the roof.


Here is a link to an article about the plans for the new building. It has a comment from a famous kabuki actor. It has some history, too. The pamphlet that we got at the theater said nothing about the theater being bombed in 1945.

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