March 04, 2009

an early bug

I was sitting at the computer when all of a sudden this little bug buzzed up on the telephone. He landed on the "O". Was he trying to call out? No, you don't get the operator when you push "O" in Japan. The green message light below was flashing. Maybe he was attracted to that.

He looks like he just climbed out of one of our potted plants. He's carrying a pile of dirt on his back. How did he get in there? There are three plants on our windowsill that are usually outside. Maybe his mama bug laid an egg in one of them.

He looks like a June bug. He's too early! It's too cold to put him outside. What to do? Well, anyway it goes, I need to dust the telephone! Look at all that dust. Move over, early bug. Or should I start with you? Ever heard of brushing a bug?

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