March 25, 2009

A New Sign This Spring

It looks like a kite, but it's a newly painted sign on our street. Our street was torn up recently to work on the water pipes. They finally finished the pipe work and paved the street. They chose to use asphalt. Not my favorite choice. It stinks! Especially in the hot summer sun.

This diamond sign means slow down. It's really big. That is a manhole on the left.

This was written near the end of the street. It says tomare. It means "stop" in English.

This one is kanji, a Chinese character for the sound to. Click on the pictures so you can see the chalk lines they used to paint the characters.

This one is hiragana for the sound ma.

This one is hiragana for the sound re.

Kids Web Japan--kanji
--hiragana chart
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