June 09, 2009

Garden Raspberries

There are a lot of raspberries this year! This plant has been coming up in our garden every year for ten years.

They don't all ripen at the same time. Even those on the same stem!

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monica said...

Hello Here and There Japan,
Googled 'raspberries in Japan' and found your blog! I live in Wakayama and the kids and I love raspberries and I have decided that this is the year that I am going to start a raspberry bush but am at a loss as to where to start. Can you give me any hints for example where would I buy a plant? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

I bought the plant at a garden store and put it on the north side of the house. It gets a couple of hours of morning sun. Then it has a few hours of no sun but then gets the afternoon sun. It needs something to cling to. I don't cut it all the way down in the winter like I used to. It seems to prefer that.