December 31, 2009


This year Big Sister bought a box of osechi from Isetan, a department store. It served two people. She bought it so we could sample some fancy side dishes. She ordered it several days ahead and then picked it up on the 31st (osechi is eaten the first three days of the new year including dinner on the 31st.) The osechi box was wrapped in a furoshiki and was packed in a cardboard box.

We had other traditional side dishes. Like walnuts and small dried fish.

Stewed vegetables that include lotus root, sato imo, mushrooms, carrots, gingko nuts, burdock, bamboo root, and konnyaku.

And datemaki, spongy sweet egg cooked with fish broth. It is served at room temperature.
Check this post for more pictures of osechi. I didn't take pictures of everything this year.

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