January 01, 2007

Osechi Ryori, New Year's Food

New Year's food is served in lacquer boxes. It is eaten the first three days of the new year. Our family eats osechi on the night of the 31st. Some families eat it on new year's Day. This is what our family eats. Some of the dishes are traditional. The fried chicken was added for Little Brother.

This box has bamboo shoots or takenoko, sato imo, carrots shaped like ume of plum blossoms, snow peas, gobou and renkon or lotus root.

Gobou or burdock.

Renkon or lotus root. Jiji used to always hold a piece of renkon up and look through it saying he was looking into the new year.

These black beans are sweet. The small fish are coated in salty soy sauce. The chestnuts are sweet. Kobumaki is in the upper lefthand corner.

Konbu is seaweed. This is kobumaki, rolled seaweed.

The pink and white pieces are kamaboko or processed fish. Datemaki is sweet rolled

Sashimi or raw fish. Soy sauce and wasabi (horse radish) are put on a small plate to dip it.

New chopsticks are used to eat New Year's food. Aunt made these chopstick covers. Special fancy chopsticks are sold in the grocery store.

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