January 01, 2007

O-toshidama, Money Envelopes

Children receive money at New Year's in these small envelopes (6cm x 10.5 cm). This custom is called o-toshidama. Relatives visit and bring these envelopes. Some of these in this picture are new, some of them are from years past. Some have animation characters on them like Pokemon, Korokorokuririn, Shinkansen, Bubble Man (name of a drink), Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and Purin. The last one on the third row has ume or plum blossoms on it.

Here is the back of one envelop. The white space is for the name of the child The name is written from top to bottom. Some of these envelopes come with stickers to seal them.

Kids Web Japan--o-toshidama


Susan said...

These envelopes make me thing of the red packets people in Singapore and Malaysia give out to children during Chinese New Year. I've also seen them used at weddings, even Hindu weddings. Here they are called Ang Poh (ang pow). People also buy chocolates wrapped in gold foil to look like coins. These are another Chinese New Year treat. I wish I had photos of them to send to you.

Joely said...

Where can one BUY these envelopes? We'll be handing out envelopes for the Chinese New Year, but I want CUTE ones this year. My friend had the cutest Hello Kitty Year of the Dog envelopes last year. I was so jealous and have been looking for something cute too, but have come up empty :( Thse envelopes are beyond perfect and would work for CNY, especially if I found one without any writing on it! Any ideas?

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

I checked the web but couldn't find an online shop that carries them. Anyone out there know of one?