January 30, 2007

Different Kinds of Mochi

Mochi, glutinous rice, on a stick is called dango. These are bigger and are flatter than usual. Dango are usually small round balls of mochi. There is no adzuki bean paste in them.

These were toasted next to charcoal. Click to enlarge the picture and you may be able to see the flame.

This was at Jindai Botanical Gardens.

This looks like bars of soap, but they are bars of mochi. This kind of mochi is available by the bag at the grocery store. It is put in azuki beans to make oshiruko. Click on the "snacks" label to see a picture of that. This mochi can also be grilled on the stove. Little Brother likes to put it in the microwave. It puffs up. He eats it with soy sauce and nori, sheets of dried seaweed.

This is sweet potato mochi. Before it is cooked, it looks like the mochi in the picture above. Mochi is really gummy and sticky. Children and old people are warned to be careful while eating it. It can be a choking hazard.

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