January 01, 2007

Ringing in the New Year

Temple and shrine bells are rung on New Year's eve. Many people go and wait for a monk to ring in the new year. Several locations are televised. We go downstairs to Baba's house to watch on television. This bell is in Kyoto. A group of monks rang this bell. Can you see all the cables?

It was 12:00 when I took this picture. I think it was a few seconds after because I took time to say "akemashite omedetou gozaimasu". That takes time!

It is considered lucky to eat lots of soba during the New Year's holiday. Baba serves it right before midnight. We start to eat after the bell rings. Some people boil their own soba. We eat instant noodles. Perhaps that is not very traditional. Although, I did see a lot of people buying cup of noodles at the grocery store.

Little Brother was eating these. See the noodle trailing off out of the picture on the right? He's slurping it. His technique (angle) may be off a bit but slurping noodles is actually polite in Japan. In fact, you're not supposed to bite noodles. Soba shops are very noisy!

Kids Web Japan --temple and shrine bells

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