January 09, 2007

Old Tops

Recently I posted pictures of other tops. This is an old type of bei goma. It is metal. Little Brother dug it out of his top box for me to take a picture of it.

Little Brother looked up bei goma on the internet. He found some from the past that had been colored with crayons. He used his crayons to color his, but then washed it off. You can see some of the color left in the crevices.

Children used to spin these tops on a piece of cloth tightly placed on the top of a bucket. Little Brother spins them on his BeyBlade stadium. We're going to try using a bucket.

One of these tops did not spin properly because its tip was damaged from spinning on concrete. We went to an old toy shop to look for a new one.

There was a display of tops outside the shop. These metal bei goma were sold in packages of five. They had different designs on top and different tips. The packages were strung together with plastic string.

Inside this toy shop, small items hang from the ceiling on long strings. When you want to buy something here, you ask the clerk to cut it down for you. The tops were probably hanging inside the shop before the new year holidays.

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