January 10, 2007

Elementary School Lunch Menu for January

This is the elementary school lunch menu for January. It is not a very good picture so I will explain what is in each column.

The first column has the date. The second has the day of the week. The third column lists the type of rice or bread that is served for each day. On the 11th of January, they will have milk bread.

The fourth column (with the circles) is for milk. They will have milk every day. The fifth column lists the dishes that will be served. The foods listed here for the 11th are beef stroganoff, bean salad and fruit.

The food and their ingredients are then listed by food groups in each of the rest of the columns. For example, the sixth column lists food that are good for the blood and muscles. For the lunch served on the 11th, milk, meat, tofu and mixed beans are listed in the sixth column.

The seventh column lists foods or ingredients for energy. Bread, flour, oil and sugar are listed here. The eighth lists foods or ingredients that are good for maintaining the condition of the body. Onion, cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, green peas, edamame and fruit are listed here for the lunch of the 11th.

The kilocalories and number of grams of protein are given. In the last column, a suggestion of what to eat at home is given. Fish is suggested for dinner on the 11th.

Click on the "school lunch" label below to see pictures of the lunch service at school.

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