January 21, 2007

Cracker Shop

The shop with the orange awning sells crackers and snacks. It sells Japanese crackers called osembe.

It also sells Ritz Crackers! You can see them from almost every angle. I spotted them from the car, so we stopped. I took pictures from different angles. Click on the photos to see details. There is a jar of snacks sitting on an ice cream case.

I saw the shopkeeper sitting behind a sliding door. She was eating lunch and watching TV. I didn't ask to take her picture. I didn't want to disturb her.

Shelled peanuts and other snacks.

There is a tin box of osembe on the shelf next to the Ritz Crackers. Cans of potato chips.

There are jars of candy, too.

This shop is completely open to the sidewalk. Note the plant on the table. It is actually outside the shop. At night, the plant and another display table will be pulled inside. A metal sliding door will be rolled down to close the shop.

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