January 03, 2007

More Holiday Decorations

Walking out the gate to go shopping, I noticed all of our decorations. Can you see that there are three gates with pine next to them?

Houses are sometimes in small groups like this. There are five in ours. We all share a common space in front.

Usually Christmas decorations are put away the day after Christmas. This was kept for the holidays. I posted a picture of the men putting these up on November 13th.

This is another kadomatsu. Note that the bamboo poles are not cut at a slant. I have seen several this year. I had never seen them like this in the past.

Here is a decorated shop that is closed.

Bamboo was tied to both sides of the building. A small wreath was placed on the gate leading to the back of the shop.

This is a space between two shops. Each shop had bamboo tied to both front corners of the buildings.

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