January 28, 2007

School Health Card

What an awful picture! This is the top part of a health form for elementary school children. It is a graph for height and a graph for weight. Students are weighed and measured three times every school year. The teacher fills in the information at the bottom of the page. Parents sign beside the measurements. Then they have to graph the information. Click on the picture to enlarge. Ranges of height and weight are given. An equation to figure out the ratio of weight and height is also given. (Though Little Brother has had a healthy growth pattern, he didn't want his graph photographed.)

Students have their eyes, ears, teeth and hearts checked at school, too. At the beginning of the year, they also have a urine and worm check.

Note: At school, students sometimes have to line up for things. In Japan, there is a line for girls and a line for boys. Student lines are made according to height. The tallest children are in the back of the line. The shortest children are in the front. Whenever students grow out of their place in line, they are moved further back in the line.

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