March 12, 2011

Damage Control

At our house, the March 11th earthquake was about a 6 on the Japanese scale. We were very lucky that we didn't have any damage and no one was hurt. There are a few things sitting around that could have fallen, but they didn't. We have a few things around the house that prevent earthquake damage.

Like this. It looks like a plain kitchen cabinet handle.

But you have to pull it to open the cabinet. That makes our kitchen cabinets earthquake proof. Many dishes break when cabinets open during earthquakes. Broken glass is dangerous.

Falling furniture is another danger. We put these tabs under the video cabinets and book cases and televisions.

We also put these braces on tall pieces of furniture. That's Little Brother's desk that has built-in book shelves. A sliding glass door kept the books from falling out of the shelves.


Marjorie said...

Annie, I'm so glad to hear you're all alright. I couldn't find your email address and have been thinking of you.

Pretty impressive safety precautions annd just goes to show a) how effective they are and b) just how necessary... Japan is very much in our thoughts and prayers at present.

Ie. said...

Thanks God is everything ok. Keep on blogging about the the effects of the earthquake and the tsunami ... I'm standing here in Brazil...
Your brazilian/japanese friend