March 04, 2011

Storing the Dolls After Hina Matsuri

This product is relatively new. It is a cloth that helps protect the hina dolls in storage. Jiji, grandfather, always wanted us to put the dolls away the day after Girls' Day. Any delay would cause a delay in marriage, he said. We try to put the dolls back in storage the day after.

Jiji passed away seven years ago and is not here to remind us or to help store them. He always insisted on wearing white gloves when taking out the dolls and when putting them away. We do that. We have to be careful about oil from our hands and about moisture in the air.

The box shows you how to use the cloth.

Here is another product that protects the dolls. It keeps bugs away.

This is what it looks like. Two come in one packet. There are four packets.

There is a diagram on the back of this box, too, to show you what to do.

Dust the dolls with a feather duster (doll sets come with one), cover them, and slip this product in with them before storing them in the closet.

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