December 22, 2011

This Year's Yuzu Options for the Winter Solstice

Three yuzu fruit are placed in the bath on the winter solstice. The cloth bag of yuzu and the packaged bag of yuzu peel is from Tokyu department store. It was sold in the vegetable section of their basement food department.

The net bag of yuzu is from our neighborhood grocery store. It was sold in the fruit section along with the paper of explanation. Kabocha or Japanese pumpkin is eaten on the winter solstice.

Here are the displays at Tokyu Department Store:

Yuzu bath products. Sorry, fuzzy photo.


Yuzu in cloth bags for the bath.

Cut kabocha. I have never seen it sold like this. I like it! Kabocha is very hard to cut. Kabocha is rock hard!

Sample of a recipe with kabocha and adzuki beans.

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vegetablej said...

Surprisingly, kabocha appeared in our Nova Scotian local village grocery just around the solstice and we had some baked with our Christmas dinner.

I still miss yuzu, mikan, and fresh shiso as well as so many wonderful Japanese foods that are impossible to get here. But -- I am enjoying cranberries. :)

MoreThingsJapanese said...

Kabocha is so good I grow my own. Kabocha tempura is the best! It is also good in soup, pie, and croquets.