April 21, 2006

Another Spring

This is Ethel. She made it through another winter hibernation or, rather, brumation. She is seventeen years old. She is older than Big Sister and Little Brother!

In 1991, I took two baby turtles like her to my niece. I traveled 13 hours on the plane with them under the seat. (I called first to see if I could take them.)

The agricultural customs agent at the airport looked at them and said, "These turtles are coming home, too!" I know I looked puzzled because he continued, "They probably came from over in Louisiana." That's next door to my home state, Texas.

Turtles like Ethel can live more than sixty years. Ethel's sister, Lucy, only made it through four winters. Ethel and I have made it a long time here in a foreign land. We must be doing something right!

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