April 27, 2006

Rain Chain

See the metal thing hanging at the entrance of this house? It looks like a chain of badminton birdies. It's a rain chain. Or at least that's what I call it. Rain trickles down it from the roof. Not all houses have them. I've seen water cascade down one. It was raining so hard it looked like a bubbling water fountain. Of course, I was drenched standing there watching.

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Mya^O^ said...

Hi Annie

Thanks for all the interesting info on Japan.It was great reading about all the different customs.
OK I have no idea what that blue gadget was that you ordered ....Do tell!!!!
This rain chain is so cool.I live in the tropics so it does rain here a bit as well.I think it would be great to have one of these hanging off our balcony.I can than here the rain and the surf of the sea at the same time.
Thanks again for the wonderful commentary.
Your pictures are fantastic.....