April 30, 2006

Boy's Day Decorations

We got out the Boy's Day decorations today. May 5th is Boy's Day. Actually it is kodomo no hi or Children's Day, but since we have a boy in our family we call it Boy's Day. (Girl's Day is in March.) Families who have a boy decorate. These decorations were Papa's when he was a little boy. Notice that it is just the armor.

There is no doll underneath (see, no eyes). Department stores sell them. Even Toys "R" Us (we have two or three). We put ours on the landing on the stairs. Usually people put them in an alcove called a tokonoma in the washitsu, a room with the grass mats or tatami.

This isn't a good picture. I'm afraid I couldn't get a good angle or far enough away to take the picture. That's the way it is here sometimes. You have to go outside to take a picture of something inside. I'll write more later and show other decorations.

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