February 27, 2007

Dodgebee Court

This is a diagram of a dodgebee court. The court is 9 m x 18 m. Some of you may have to figure that out in feet. On the left side of this diagram, team B is on the outside of the court. The kanji after the letter "B" means "outside". Team A stands in the middle of the left side of the court. The kanji next to the "A" means "inside". Team B stands in the middle of the right side of the court. Team A is on the outside. There is a center line that neither team can cross or touch.

Teams have 10-13 players. The game starts with one or two members of each team on the outside. The game is played like dodge ball in the United States. Teams try to hit the other team players with the dodgebee. If you are in the middle and you get hit, you have to go outside the court. The player who hit you goes into the middle. The object of the game is to remain in the middle of the court. The winning team has the most players on the inside of the court at the end of 8 minutes. It's fun for all ages, and it's not as painful as dodge ball!

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A-J Wright said...

I just got my Dodgebee discs. This game is great! My kids love it and I love it!