February 14, 2007

More Valentine Treats

Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan. However, men and boys receive chocolate on February 14th. Women and girls receive chocolate on White Day on March 14th.

Some women and girls buy chocolate to give on Valentine's Day. Others make it. Grocery stores have displays of chocolate making supplies, decorations and wrappings. Department stores have many displays of chocolate wrapped in fancy ways. There are many beautiful and delicious possibilities.

I bought these chocolates at Mini Stop, a convenience store like 7-Eleven. I have never seen anything like these. Little Brother was surprised when I put this fish on the table for him. It was filled with an M&M type candy. Papa will get this "sushi" when he comes home tonight. It's just chocolate in printed plastic packages.

P.S. It was very good chocolate!

Kids Web Japan--Valentine's Day

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