February 06, 2007

Jindai Temple Again

The wooden ramp was still over the stone steps at Jindai Temple today. There will be a daruma festival March 3 and 4, so many people will visit the temple grounds. This is also the season for ume blossoms. People will go through the temple on their way to the Jindai Botanical Garden to view blossoms.

The view from inside the gate.

A detail of the thatched roof gate.

A display of prayer beads, small statues, and incense. The small statues are bought and then placed on an altar to pray for babies and children who have died. To respect privacy, I didn't take a picture of the altar.

For 200 yen, you can grab your future. You stick your hand through that hole in the plastic top of the box. You select one of the many small envelopes. There is a fortune in it as well as a trinket.

The koi or goldfish pond on the temple grounds.

Kids Web Japan-- daruma

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