May 12, 2007

Souvenirs for Bob Marstall

I knew Bob Marstall liked nature. The books he illustrates are about nature. We're coming into the summer season when there are many toys and products with nature themes. So, I thought I would take some stuff to give him. I almost hesitated to give it to him until he showed his photo of his "wonder cabinet". He has many treasures in shelves in his studio. I gave him this cricket in a cage. It's all plastic, but when you push a button, it sounds like a real cricket. He liked it!

I gave him this goldfish. I had never seen anything like this before in a toy shop. Lots of bugs but never a goldfish. I got it and the cricket at that small toy shop where we bought tops at New Year's. See pictures of the shop in posts of the first week of January.

I also gave him this money frog. In Japanese, the same word is used for "frog" and "return". So, if you put this frog in your coin purse or pocket, your money will return to you. These are sold at temples all year. I made the card explaining what it is and put it and the frog in the plastic bag. At the temple, there is just a bin full of little frogs.

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